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Information for College Faculty

Articulation provides a streamlined path for students who complete an articulated course in high school and wish to continue on that path at Citrus College. An articulation agreement is a process of developing a formal, and published agreement that identifies courses ​from a high school that are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of, specific course requirements to a college course.

Curriculum agreement between the college faculty and high school/ROP instructor is necessary; instructors and faculty can modify their curricula using the college process in order to reach an agreement. If the matching of curricula reaches an impasse, the community college faculty will ​need to provide an explanation for declining the articulation application.

All faculty need to create an account on this website by clicking on Sign In. Once your account is created, a high school/ROP instructor may submit a request. The Career Pathways Specialist will forward the request to you for your review. You may review, comment, and approve agreements through the website.

As faculty, you may also want to initiate the articulation process with a high school partner. If this is the case, please contact the Career Pathways Specialist directly to assist you with this process.

Successful completion of an articulated course assures the faculty that the student has received the necessary instruction and preparation. Similar outcomes to ​those of his/her college students can be assured, enabling progression to the next level of instruction at ​Citrus College.

Please contact the Career Pathways Specialist if you have questions.