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Students and Parents

Articulating a class allows students to earn college credit while still in high school and/or ROP. This may allow students to attain their goals more quickly and also create an incentive to continue their education.

The benefits of articulation include:

  • Graduate high school with college credit.
  • Save money! Students pay nothing for tuition or textbooks.
  • If the student is not recommended for credit, it does not impact their college transcript or financial aid eligibility.

How Students Earn College Credit in Articulated Classes

  • Talk to your counselor or high school teacher and let them know that you are interested in pursuing college credit for your course. Do this at the beginning of the school year as there are some enrollment deadlines that must be met. An active articulation agreement must be in place for the course at the time the student is enrolled in the high school class. Your high school teacher will know if one is in place.
  • Student submits an online Citrus College application. *Make sure to write down your CCCID and confirmation number. (Application Workshop will be held during class)
  • To complete the college application the student will need the information listed below.
    • Copy of High School Transcripts
    • Legal Name (first, middle, and last)
    • Mailing Address (including zip code)
    • Date of Birth
    • Personal Email Address (one that is checked frequently)
    • Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number or F-1/M-1 (F-1 & M-1 include issue/expiration date)
  • You will receive an email with your Citrus College Student ID within 48-72 hours. Store all your login information and passwords in a safe space as you will need to refer to them often.
  • Sign up to take the Credit by Examination administered in April or May by a college faculty member.
  • Student must pass the Credit by Examination* with a B or higher. Grades below a “B” are not eligible for college credit and will not be transcribed on your Citrus College transcript.
  • Student completes the Awarding CTE High School Articulation Credit form, which grants permission to Citrus College to transcribe the letter grade of B or higher on their college transcript.

*The assessments may include a written exam, multiple-choice exam, practical, and/or portfolio review depending on the discipline.

Contact Alicia Lopez, if you have any questions.

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